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Doing business in romania any type

Posted by borlova on April 10, 2007

Today i have been reading a few articles and blogs but one in particular caught my attention from a romanian, he accrately described some types of business men here and in particular something about the romanian mentality toward business and in genral. i thought it was great, but i would like to make it more simple to read and straight to the point. i will do this over time but you can start by reading his posts here


great post and loved some of the other content too,i will try to put it in a nut shell

dont ever trust a romanian business man completely, err with caution at every single thing, part with no money until you have seen and can physicaly take possesion of any transaction.

sterr well clear of people with big flashy cars and especially those dripping in gold and designer watches etc, pointed white shoes are also a dead giveaway to a dodgy deal.

romanian business is dog eat dog i was going to write dog eat everything the dog being romanian of course.

there is no such thing here as a win win situation its romanians win you lose so beware.

your new found business associate will seem like your best friend and you may consider him to be the best man at your wedding after 3 days of him showing you romania….take a second opinion and dont commit to nothing on your first trip. and certainly dont part with any cash.

dont get me wrong romania is a good place to do business but caution is the best plan.

there are many good business people here that are good at what they do, and after all its just business, but dont be fooled into thinking its any thing other than business, the business of exchanging money from you to them.

if like me you were selling british goods or other for that matter, (i came here to do that in 1993 for a big firm from the uk)

you will find that the colour of the money is what speaks make sure before you waste your time in lengthy discussions they actually have the cash first and get some gaurentees,normally done via the banks there is a system in place for this.

having said this the people i met on my travels on the whole were pretty honest, i say that a bit tounge in cheek but any one living here will know what i mean.

dont sign any documents until you find the translator to check them out for you, dont let them find one for you, also even if you are offered a document to sign in english and one in romanian, do check they match via your translator, do this in private away from your new found business partner.

the old boy network exists here the same as in the uk so does the old brown envelope not entirely corruption but i would like a uk business man say that hes never used either tactic before and still drink his beer without choking.

still on an upbeat ending romania has a lot to offer for business with europe, its not a scary place to do business, just tread carefuly and think well on your feet, you are dancing with wolves. nice friendly ones at that.


3 Responses to “Doing business in romania any type”

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  2. Maximus said

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

  3. Vali said

    Of course, everything is very relative. Doing business is, everywhere a game and each game have his own rules. There are a lot of situations when the romanian partners or employees are been Ducked ( sorry, I don’t know the “elegant” term for this :-)) by their foreign partners or employers. This is happening all the time. I agree that british are more fair play than others nationalities but cack happens all the time.
    Otherelse, I personnaly remarked, in 20 years of working with foreigners, that the superiority that some nationalities treat the romanians, don’t allow them to fully understand the complexity of a deal or other and of course, sometimes the results don’t meet the expectations.
    You can add a point to your list : romanians have a special kind of nationalism in their harts, they love their country but they hate the government…

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