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Romania Holiday Mountains and Life To Discover and work to do

Blacksmith courses in Norwich UK

Posted by borlova on August 28, 2015

Anyone can book these courses run by a friend of mine Alec Steele very good value and an awsome day http://www.blacksmithingtools.co.uk/classes, if you are in Norwich hackspace or Norwich Mens Shed then contact us via that as well for more details contact Alec Steele him self http://www.blacksmithingtools.co.uk/classes

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To Borlova and Back Updated #Romania as a tourist destination and a haven for retiring

Posted by borlova on August 21, 2015

wow its been some time but imn gradulay getting over my UK experience cant wait until i go back to Romania and or Greece

i will edit this post in a short while to add some extra information and a lot of drivel LOL needless to say i love Romania and the life style and everyone should go to experience it in the right locations with the right people at the right times. more on this later

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Update and Begging list Norwich Mens Shed seeking support and business Sponsors

Posted by borlova on November 12, 2014

Mens Shed Norwich

Hi Guys things have been super busy for the shed over the last few weeks,A begging list plus just a small update on some things that are going on,most of you will be aware that the imminent move to the pitt street location is under way, it seems like this is almost signed and sealed so only a few more days until we can clarify this for definate, in anticipation we have been trying to plan a few things and have a list of stuff we need to try to get hold of so we are asking for some help in getting hold of a few things. If you know of some of them or could donate time or items please chip in and respond where possible.
Items or things we need are:
A free large Van with a tail lift for a few days or several smaller vans and…

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a new chapter begins :)

Posted by borlova on May 4, 2014

well its all a new time so lets see what happens from here on in….watch this space…

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new packaging?

Posted by borlova on October 23, 2013

maybe a launch coming?

new packaging sales drive? who knowsnew packaging

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Why is it things always seem to go pear shaped in 7 and 18 years?

Posted by borlova on October 7, 2013

Im at a loss 7 years as in 7 year itch and 18 years as in ive had enough its getting boring? who the freak knows, but lately ive been struggling with both and its getting silly im sure it will all turn out for the best but right now its all pear shaped..and the saga continues………….to Borlova nd back, maybe its time for another location, like Bermuda or New York? New England? San Fransisco? calafornia malibu whoo the hell knows maybe a deserted Island of the bahamas, any thing is better right now. feeling GLUM..but things change rapidly, if your Female and love to chat feel free !! LOL

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just getting into this instagram thang

Posted by borlova on September 10, 2013

But its a bit all pear shaped right now?

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Thrifty in Tha ?Mix

Posted by borlova on September 7, 2013

Thrifty Mixes

have fun Enjoy:)


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Inspiration for Inventors Worldwide

Posted by borlova on September 7, 2013

Inspiration for Inventors Worldwide.

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Morph Racer The Journey Begins

Posted by borlova on September 7, 2013

Morph Racer The Journey Begins.

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